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What can a $2 Bill buy you?

Memories, sounds of the ocean, sand in your toes and the opportunity to reflect. That’s what a $2 bill can do.

A vacation paid with memories

This morning I had a nice chat with a guest here from NY.  It was a long awaited and needed getaway to the coast where she could listen and watch the ocean waves.  Raised in Minnesota and living in upstate New York, she said she could think of nothing more than time by the sea for a needed vacation.  Over the years her now departed father, had always sent $2 bills to them on their anniversary, a bill for each year married.  She quietly tucked them away, cherishing the thought and the uniqueness of the gift.  After her father passed, she realized these $2 bill were gathering dust and asked her now elderly mother if she thought a vacation paid with these gifts would make her father happy.  A resounding yes was given.  A friend recommended The Beachmere Inn  as a place she could rejuvenate by the sea and a trip was planned.  Upon check in, she paid with these two dollar bills.  As she told me her story and said she was thinking of her dad while here and appreciating that 35yrs of anniversary $2bills had made her dream come true.

I walked away thinking of what a wonderful outlook she had and how we should all remember what a $2 bill could provide.

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  1. That’s beautiful.

    I’m Danish, and have not often been to the US. (I’d love to visit the B Inn). So, I’m guessing that two-dollar bills are rare, but real money?

    By the way, do you still have the Kindle loaning pgm? If so which Kindles are they?

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