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Snowtober in Ogunquit

Although it was only a few days ago, the remnants on Snow on October 30th have left an impression for many.  It’s hard to recall a time when we’ve had snow on the ground before Thanksgiving much less before Mid December.

We’re too close to the ocean for anything to really stick at this time of they year so not much is left (as of Nov. 2nd)  It may be a long time before you see snow in October; it is a very unusual event.  Unfortunately, for many of our guests who live in CT or MA, they are still waiting for a warm house, hot shower and wire free roads as they navigate through their communities with snowbanks and broken limbs.  We wish you all a speedy recovery!

The fire pit is still raring to go

We’ve had many cancellations for this coming weekend, most sadly the group of 15 women who will have to reschedule for some other time (no power or family bunking in while they wait for power to be restored at their homes).

Footsteps lead the way to The Marginal Way - Ogunquit

On October 30th, we had a full house with guests loving the sight of snow in Ogunquit, as many of them had never been here during the winter.

We welcome you back to the Inn when you can come for a visit.  The fire pit will be glowing, the snowshoes will be ready and waiting for a stomp down the peaceful and deserted Marginal Way…. we’re here year round!

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  1. Mary Frasier says:

    Hard to believe we were just there a little over 6 weeks ago! I’d love to try for a “winter trip” one of these years…

    Had a fantastic stay (as usual) in September. Just wanted to say thanks for all you and the staff do to make us feel not only welcome, but like family. Say hello to Jamie (front desk), Mike (Bawdy Sally’s) and Kim R for us! :~)

    See you in September!

  2. Mike Guzman says:

    We were at the Beachmere Inn from 10/29-11/2. We got there just as the snow started to fall. Upon check in we were issued a flashlight and given instructions in the event the power went out. We checked into our room (#14) and later that night it began to rain and our roof (near the door) began to leak. I called the front desk just to let them know that it wasn’t bad but should be looked at, at some point. Shortly there after I received a call from the manager (Carol?) insisting that we move rooms. She was so genuinely concerned and pleasant. We told her we’d be fine but she said she would feel better if we moved. So we packed up and trudged through the snow to the most amazing room (#206) with views from every angle. It was the most amazing stay. We fell in love with Ogunquit and everything about it and the neighboring areas. Lobster rolls every day! The Beachmere Inn and Ogunquit is heaven on earth. What an amazing way to start a new life together. This was our honeymoon and we will never forget such an amazing, amazing place. I took a picture from bed looking out the window onto the surf and have that as my desktop on my computer. A daily reminder that there is a heaven on earth. Thanks for a wonderful stay…..can’t wait to come back. Mike and Kim Guzman (10/28/11)

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